"Lessened pain, less neuropathy, greatly increased stamina and energy level, less required sleep, better quality sleep, softer skin, increased wound healing, less acne blemishes. It is hard to pinpoint the exact benefits that I am experiencing the most. I generally feel better all  the way around!"

- LeAnn C.
Fibromyalgia & Hypersensitivity Syndrome

"I’m very happy with the results on my facial skin, particularly the wrinkles around my eyes. Also, the reduction of minor aches and pains. I find the actual experience itself to be very relaxing, easy, and convenient."

- Catherine B.

"I wake less and I'm able to fall back to sleep easier. Zero pain in the mornings upon waking. No need for medications to start the day. I haven't been without pain in so long. The treatment does things for me I can't live without." 

- James,
Anxiety, Hashimotos, Extreme Pain