Hello, I'm Christa Christiansen, RN, the owner of Restorative Laser Therapy. I am so glad that you are here! My personal journey using Red Light Laser Therapy inspired me to educate others on it's profound benefits in hopes of helping them to improve their well-being.

At the time I began using Red Light Laser Therapy, I had a feeling of last resort efforts; I was searching for something that worked. After two back surgeries, my condition had improved, but I was still desperate for pain relief. Prior to my surgeries, I attempted every traditional method for pain relief, but they were unsuccessful. Cue Red Light Therapy, and I had finally found the relief I had been searching for!

Before opening Restorative Laser Therapy, I worked as a nurse for almost 30 years in various settings including critical care, orthopedics, and home care. As an active person, I enjoy being able to maintain my activities without suffering.

The first time I used Red Light Therapy, I was an immediate believer and never looked back. I wanted to provide the same relief to my patients and others facing the challenges of chronic and acute pain. What I found through research astounded me but amazingly, Red Laser Light Therapy can offer a multitude of benefits.

With using Red Light Therapy, it can be used for both pre and post-surgery and helps to accelerate healing and reduce swelling. It can also minimize pain from conditions such as whiplash, and assist with wound and scar healing, acne, cold sore flare-ups, as well as mental health issues.

I encourage you to try it and see how it can transform your condition(s). As a true believer, I offer a complimentary consultation and first session trial. Are you ready to embrace wellness and start your own journey to relief?